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A speech corpus (or spoken corpus) is a database of speech audio files and text transcriptions. In speech technology, speech corpora are used, among other things, to create acoustic models (which can then be used with a speech recognition or speaker identification engine).[1] In linguistics, spoken corpora are used to do research into phonetic, conversation analysis, dialectology and other fields.

A corpus is one such database. Corpora is the plural of corpus (i.e. it is many such databases).

There are two types of Speech Corpora:

  1. Read Speech – which includes:
    • Book excerpts
    • Broadcast news
    • Lists of words
    • Sequences of numbers
  2. Spontaneous Speech – which includes:
    • Dialogs – between two or more people (includes meetings; one such corpus is the KEC);
    • Narratives – a person telling a story (one such corpus is the Buckeye Corpus);
    • Map-tasks – one person explains a route on a map to another;
    • Appointment-tasks – two people try to find a common meeting time based on individual schedules.

A special kind of speech corpora are non-native speech databases that contain speech with foreign accent.

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  • The Arabic Speech Corpus
  • Corpus of Political Speeches : Free access to political speeches by American and Chinese politicians, developed by Hong Kong Baptist University Library

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